Investi Widgets Shortcodes

See the Investor Dashboard for live examples

Announcement shortcodes


A search box can be shown on announcement widgets by adding the `searchbox` attribute (except the carousel)

 [investi-announcements-tab searchbox]

The -announcements-summary-v2 supports both a color and light colour for the gradient

[investi-announcements-summary-v2 color="#505050" light-color="#A0A0A0"]

All announcement widgets support date format, limiting the number of announcements and filtering e.g.

[investi-announcements-summary-v2 date-format="dd MMM yy" num-announcements=5 filter-regex="report"]

Share Price shortcodes


Chart shortcodes

[investi-share-price-chart color="#396e62"]

The example widgets below represent those not already displayed on the Investor Dashboard

Announcement carousel


Announcement accordion

[investi-announcements-accordion filter-regex="report" maximum-num-years=3 searchbox]

Share Price Info (alternative)